KeenBrace – The Smart Muscle Signal Fitness Tracker

Be the best runner you can be

Become a better runner with KeenBrace's advanced performace
tracking and monitoring technology.
The advanced Muscle x Motion fitness tracker

Track More Than Just Your Vitals

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Posture correction icon Posture Correction

Good posture can help revent back pain so we included Kinematics and Kinetic analysis to train your body to stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement.

Caution icon Injury Prevention Warnings

As you workout you’ll receive real-time risk assessment analysis and warns you based on the pattern of your movement, thus having more effective, and injury-free workouts.

Calendar icon Schedule Your Exercises

KeenBrace takes the information from your workouts to make your life easier. It schedules and plans your exercise routines so you can form healthier habits faster.

Smart insights icon Personalized Insights

Receive insights about your exercise and physiology to track your progress. With 4 different ways to see your performance, you can finally believe that what you’re doing works.

Don't like to run? Don't worry!

3 Ways to Wear a KeenBrace

Leg wrap icon Leg Wrap

Easily monitor your running performance, or your leg workout gains by simply wrapping KeenBrace above either knee.

Leg wrap icon Wrist Wrap

Feel like decompressing through a relaxing session of yoga? Wrap KeenBrace around your wrist and strike a pose!

Leg wrap icon Arm Wrap

Don't be that guy with scrawny arms but Hulk-like legs. Setup KeenBrace around either bicep and track your gains!

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KeenBrace offers so much more

From Cardio to Strength Training

KeenBrace running
A Running Technique Like Never Before

On top of being a great way to get into shape, running helps to relieve stress and manage our moods better. KeenBrace helps improve your running technique and endurance while avoiding common knee injuries.

KeenBrace lifting
Stop the Strain When Lifting

There are too many physical and mental health benefits to leave strength training out of your workout schedule. Start lifting. But start out the right way.

KeenBrace pushups
Unlock Your Muscles Full Potential

Not only are these great for your chest, but pushups do a tremendous job at defining your abs, triceps, shoulders and torso. KeenBrace's muscle mapping function will show you how to unlock the full impact of this simple exercise.

KeenBrace squats
The Proper Form Means Greater Gains

Squats are an important exercise. KeenBrace will help you with your balance, posture and angles to make sure you don't hurt your knees or back in the process.

Not everything has to be complicated

Get Up and Running in 3 Easy Steps

Bluetooth icon Connect Your Device

Using your phone's bluetooth capability, search for KeenBrace, and pair your phone to your fitness tracker.

Keenbrace icon Insert KeenBrace Core into Wrap

Insert the KeenBrace Core into your leg or arm brace and move on to the next step!

Keenbrace app icon Start the Phone App

Download the KeenBrace App, and you'll find all your analytics, insights, and history in one easy to use app.

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Stay in the game with keenbrace

Technology That'll Keep You Lazer Focused

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Water Resistant Everything!

Planning on an intense workout? Well you can put your mind at ease knowing that KeenBrace is water resitant and can be worn in wet weather!

Train for Hours!

A compact design coupled with high performance tracking sensors allows you to monitor your muscle activity, fatigue and technique with a 10 hour battery.

Conforms to Your Body!

Easily adjust the size of your KeenBrace to better fit your body with a super simple loop and press velcro process.

Cool and Comfortable!

The highest quality materials ensure that you're able to flex, bend, and twist without any discomfort or degradation to your KeenBrace.

A fitness wearable for everyone

See What Everyone is Saying

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Cindy, Southern California

Very different from anything I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing like this in the sports industry! Keenbrace will track everything you do and ultimately make you a better runner.

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Taylor Presswood

Nothing else on the market corrects your posture, your stride, or your stride length. This is completely different from any other app or tracker I've seen.